Finding the best contacts that can suit you depends on many various factors, among them the hair color and also the skin tone. Moreover, it all depends on the kind of look you want to achieve at the end of your mission; you would like to look subtle, daring, dramatic, or even natural-looking. It also works for you whether you want to enhance your natural eye color or you want entirely to change how your eyes look like. In most situations, you will find that the tints determine the type of contact for eye colors. Therefore you need to know the following standard tints that will help you get the best choice of contacts for eyes colors:

Visibility tint

They are mostly light blue or green lenses. These colors are typically added to the regular lens; most people use them to enhance their visibility and maintain their original eye color. They are faint, and they rarely affect the eyes; the colors are added to ensure that when they or when someone is inserting them, they can be visible and ensure they properly fit in their place. Therefore, if you have light blue or green eyes, you should go this way, not unless you want to change your eyes completely.

Enhancement tin

They are solid but more translucent; however, when compared to the visibility tint, they are darker; as the name indicates, they are worn to enhance the color of your eyes. If you have light-colored eyes, you should consider looking for colored contacts with an enhancement tint. They quickly make your eyes’ natural color vibrant and do not affect or tamper with your normal vision; as they enhance your eyes’ color, you can see through them as well.

Opaque tint

This tint is not transparent, and it is meant to ensure that it completely changes the natural color of your eyes. People with dark eyes should always go for the contacts equipped with opaque tint if they intend to have a new look. This is where you will find various colored contacts depending on what you want; the cosmetic contacts are under this category as they change the persons’ eye color and install a new look and maybe fits your occasion.


To get the best option of contacts for eye colors, you need to understand the various methods and things that will help you quickly find what you need. You might need to consult a professional to help make choices and give prescriptions with advice on how and what to use on the care and other essential things.