Teenagers are notorious for being fickle and picky — easily swayed by the latest fashions and trends. As a result, when choosing teen sleepwear it is important to make a considered choice to avoid being required to repurchase as it is no only suitable a mere month later.

The first thing to consider is the overall style of sleepwear. There are three main types — nightie ( like an all in one maxi or mini dress ) pyjamas ( again both short and long ) onesies ( an all in one garment with fastening around the crotch )

The advantage of a nightie is that is very comfortable in that there are no close-fitting areas so it is very breathable. There is a huge range of styles of nightie to suit all tastes, ranging from a baby doll outfit ( shorts and a sleeveless top that billows out under the bust ) to full-length items which resemble a maxi dress.

Alternatively, pyjamas have the advantage of not riding up whilst you are asleep thereby making for a more comfortable night if you tend to move around a lot whilst sleeping. As with nighties, pyjamas come in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit all environments and tastes. There are two main types of pyjamas — those which fasten and those which are slip-on only. The slip-on type of pyjama resembles a t-shirt and shorts/ trousers, whilst the style which fastens resembles a shirt and shorts/trousers.

A onesie is a new style of sleepwear and has progressed from being only for children as a novelty item to teens and adults. The advantage of a onesie is its extreme comfortableness. They are typically made from extra soft and fluffy material and can come with or without a hood. A onesie fastens around the crotch ( usually with poppers ) so to get in / out your step into the legs and put your arms in ( the same way you would put on a wetsuit ) A huge range of styles are available with onesies ranging from themed items such as lion costumes, princess costumes to simpler patterns and colours.

We spend half our lives in bed, which means it is essential to make sure that sleepwear is comfortable, well-fitting and looks good. Take the time to choose teen sleepwear with care to ensure that the best possible nights sleep can be achieved.