Pleaser Boots have now become an iconic brand. The US-based brand is famous for its unique boots and shoes made from a range of exotic materials. In fact, singer Taylor Momsen made the brand and type of shoes iconic by wearing them to a Warped Tour. The clear shoes had a transparent opening at the front that could be filled with tips. At present, you can choose from several unique boot versions made by the Pleaser company that are available for sale. Here is how you choose the right Pleaser Boots for yourself.
Material: Leather, synthetic, pleather, vinyl…the choices are endless. You can pick and choose designs and shapes in almost any material. And realistically saying, there is no difference in comfort in any of these materials. Of course, the synthetic boots are lighter and require very little breaking-in and they usually fit comfortably.

Variety: Again, the choices are endless and here’s a quick reference list.
• Ankle boots stop at the ankle, but they may extend up to the top of the ankle or the bottom of the ankle. These are made with a high, low or medium heel and can be worn with formals or with skinny jeans.
• Over-the-knee boots look great on everyone. They can a little difficult to pull off but they are comfortable, provide the most ankle and leg support, and look really stylish when worn properly.
• Knee boots are wonderful as they look good on almost everyone. They come with a high heel, low or medium heel and can be quite warm. Out of all the versions available, knee boots are the most versatile and come in a range of colors, and designs.
• Calf boots are higher up than ankle boots and offer more support.
Heel size: Most boots come in a range of heel sizes and shapes. You can choose from low, medium, flat or high heels. The heel shape also varies from square, wedge, needle, kitten and so on.

The right boot for your body type

Choosing the right boot for your body shape is not tough. Petite women seem to do well with ankle boots as they support the ankle and prevent them from looking stumpy and short. Knee or above-the-knee boots are perfect for tall women as they accentuate the leg line and make them look taller. Women with wide feet should avoid boots with decorative details and pointed toes.