If you want to be a firefighter in Tasmania, you can join the fire service department if you meet all their requirements. Now, being a firefighter is quite challenging but it is a rewarding profession because you help the society. Contrary to what many people think, the job of a firefighter does not begin and end with putting out fires. A firefighter is an emergency expert because they are trained to help people in difficult situations. In Tasmania, firefighters carry out a number of challenging duties and this is why firefighter recruitment Tasmania processes involve a number of different stages. Below are some ways firefighting agencies in Tasmania recruit prospective candidates.

Advertising for Positions

One of the most popular recruitment methods is by advertising. The relevant agencies notify prospective applicants in newspaper, radio and TV adverts. Qualified candidates can apply online or offline. If they have the entry requirements, they are shortlisted and invited for interviews. From this point, the chances of employment are quite high. If the candidates pass the physical test and the written aptitude test, they get employed.

Head Hunting Process

In some cases, prospective candidates are employed by the head hunting process. In this case, the fire service department targets a certain category of workers. These people are highly qualified experts in their own field. They are usually distinguished people who have all the qualities fire service companies need. The people in charge of recruitment just target them and recruit them into the fire services department.

Recruiting the Military or Para Military

Professionals in the military and Para military services have many of the qualities required to serve in the fire service department. In cases where the experts at the fire service department need certain skilled personnel, they can poach them from the military, the police or even the immigration or customs service. In this case, these experts are invited for special interviews and tests. If they pass the tests (and they usually do) and they interested in working for the fire services department, they can sign up easily. This is called transfer of service and it is a great way to join the fire service department.

Final Word

The experts at the firefighter recruitment Tasmania are famous because they do an excellent job most of the time. This is not surprising because they have a policy of recruiting the best people to all fire service positions.