Nintendo Wear and Stockings with ribs are very popular due to their consistency and robustness and are particularly suitable for the harshest weather conditions. Thanks to their mesh, these adhere perfectly to the leg giving a feeling of comfort, therefore they are suitable for any type of combination with long trousers in the winter months, from the office dress to the casual walking pants.

If you wanted to dare, you could think of more whimsical patterns, perhaps accompanying them to sneakers. Have you ever heard of Happy Socks and Nintendo Wear? You have relegated them to the bottom of the drawers for years, you have forgotten them and used them for Sundays spent at home watching a TV series, and yet white socks are once again being used on several occasions, more and more.

It will be the charm of the nineties, it will be that fashion and Nintendo Wear return cyclically, but this kind of socks seems to be experiencing a second youth. Finally, you can return to show them off in society, if you match them correctly. There is no need to say that white socks are banned in formal wear, but with a pair of jeans and leather shoes they can be up to date, a choice to consider.

You don’t need advice on where to find good white socks, do you? The sock of medium length, that is the one that exceeds the ankle by a few centimeters, is the standard that is most popular today and for some years now. With this you can be on the safe side with practically all types of casual trousers, as long as the color is matched with judgment. In short, the mid-length stocking is a parachute for when you don’t have great alternatives, but don’t worry: there is no escape the mass.

When we talk about stockings that reach above the knee and cover most of the calf, the business gets complicated. In the first place, it is about stockings that have disappeared over time, but not entirely. Needless to say, they can’t be worn with shorts and Nintendo Wear, hopefully. This type of socks is typically Italian and is great for wearing a suit. In fact, when you sit or cross your legs, you will not see your skin peeking between the sock and the trousers, something to avoid in formal environments according to tradition.

These were just a few ideas, the stockings available online and in the boutiques are many and all different. What you need to keep in mind, when you buy the next pair of socks, is that it is not a secondary garment, they are no exception.