The char element is typically used to represent a character, it is an integer type, except that, depending on the implementation, it is equivalent to a signed char or unsigned char.

C programming language is one of the most used languages since the early 1970s, it is based on an open standard, many IT professionals know it, compilers and software libraries available on most platforms. It influenced many newer languages including C + + , Java and PHP syntax. It implements a limited number of concepts, which facilitates the control and writing simple and fast compilers.

It does not rigidly specify the behavior of the executable file produced, which helps to take advantage of specific computer skills. It is used to write software that does not need any support at runtime (or virtual machine software, Computer Repair Services or library).

Its main disadvantages include the first version of the language (K&RC) specifically provides few checks at compile time, and it offers no verification at runtime, so that errors can be automatically detected during development and not later, often at the cost of a software crash. Its approach to modularity is abortive and it does not facilitate the development of more recent computer programming concepts like objects or exception handling.

Support for memory allocation and strings is minimalist, forcing programmers to deal with tedious details and sources of bugs, there is no particular standard crumb. Common bugs such as buffer overflow is a computer security vulnerability and can be exploited by malicious software if the developer does not pay attention.

Language Elements

The purpose is to give the file name extension. In addition, files for sharing interfaces have the same name with the extension (suffix). H (h header). Each file is compiled separately. The roles of c and h files are distributed as follows:

– Files. C contain the implementation of functions and global variables.
– Files. H contain only type declarations, functions, macros, global variables.
– When a file C or H using an identifier declared in another file. H, then it includes the last file.
– The principle generally applied is to write a file. H for each file. C, and report in the file. H all that is exported file. C.

Basic overview of C programming language

C is an imperative programming language. Invented in the early 1970s to rewrite UNIX, C has become one of the most used languages. Many modern languages like C + +, Java and PHP show aspects of C known to Computer Repair Services based in Sydney, Australia.