Former military service members looking to start a new career are often at a loss on where to start and where to go. This is understandable and even if you’ve always known what steps to take to get a new job, hurdles are ever present.

Look to the Government

While there are many helpful privately-held agencies that offer job hunting services to veterans, it is still a good idea to explore government programs that offer the same services. The aim of these programs is not only to provide skill set appropriate jobs for veterans but also new knowledge and training that can help them venture into a different industry altogether. Taking a look at these programs should be the first step for every veteran planning to join the civilian workforce as they are mandated by law to help in the betterment of those who served the country.

Jobs for veterans can range from private security work to management positions equivalent to rank. Veterans who put up businesses or are planning to put up a new business can also get government help for their new venture.

Another idea is to look for positions within the government itself as the military skill set is not only applicable to the military but in other government careers as well.

Your Favorite Brands May Be Hiring

Many well-known companies in the country also offer jobs to the veteran community. They go above and beyond to not only provide new careers but can also help you transition into civilian life. Many of these jobs involve careers in retail, marketing, technology, and security.

Explore New Opportunities

If you are a veteran looking for a new career path instead of just a job that will pay the bills for the short term, this is the time to explore opportunities and to carve a new path for your future. Using your benefits to get an Associate Degree, a Master’s or Bachelor’s is a sound idea at this point in your life.

If you have always been interested in the culinary arts, for example, there are schools that offer this type of training that were specifically built for service men and women. Attending university or getting vocational training are great choices, too. Career choices are endless if you think of it this way and if you choose a path that you’ve always been interested in, you can be sure that your future is bright.