The Dutch Bros Menu has expanded time and again since it’s modest foundation in Oregon. The small coffee cart has grown through the years to a bounteous two hundred locations in numerous states, and they are not finished.

Due to pleasing serious coffee lovers, the coffee drinks range from sweet to tropical, fruity or candy, to those accented with a hefty dose of caffeine. Add your favorite candy bar to a hot cup of joe for a boost of energy. There is even an under 200 calories menu for customers watching their weight.

The Dutch Bros. Classics are available in hot or cold and feature such delicious items as the Kicker, a luscious blend of Irish Cream in coffee. If you are a fan of macadamia nuts and chocolate, the Annihilator will appeal to you. The Caramelizer is just as you imagine, mocha and the velvet taste of caramel. Try a Cocomo for a tropical coconut and chocolate stunner. White and milk chocolate are spun into a tasty treat in the White Chocolate Mocha. If your need for caffeine is serious, try a 6 shot Irish Cream in the 911 drink. Or check out the 2 shot vanilla mocha Double Torture. And last but not least, tea lovers will quench their thirst with Chai Tea, accented with honey, spices and vanilla in premium black tea. It is delightful hot or cold.
All drinks are obtainable in small with a dub shot, medium with a dub shot or large with a quad shot.

For a below zero treat try one of the handcrafted Dutch Freeze espressos or a Dutch Frost frozen shake. Creamy, cold and creatively yours, choose your ingredients or try one of ours. Distinctively delightful is how you will describe the real fruit smoothies topped with whipped cream. Combine a Blue Rebel Energy Drink to your favorite flavored beverage for a blast of vitality. Select Black or Green Tea, hot or cold, mixed with the distinctive flavors of your choice. Add zing or zip to a Dutch soda with your special option.

For something rich and creamy, try a Dutch Cocoa, or a Private Reserve Espresso over hot or cold water. Take home DB Private Reserve in single servings.

Any drink of your preference is available in soy, almond or coconut milk. Bottled water is on the menu too.
When you feel like a small snack, the Grab-n-Go Menu has just the right treat. Try yummy Granola Bars with nuts and cranberries, or Muffin Tops in flavorsome lemon poppyseed, divine chocolate chip or delectable orange cranberry.