This Brazilian-style steakhouse, offering full service and fine dining, is scattered in many areas of the United States, with several branches also situated in Brazil. The name of the restaurant means “fire on the ground,” which stems from the traditional gaucho way of cooking meat above an open fire. The Fogo De Chao restaurants are ideal for those on a Paleo diet, and those who are big meat eaters.

What about the prices?

Prices are set at the restaurant, and guests can eat as much as they like, of the wide variety of cooked meats on skewers, that servers or gauchos bring to the table, and slice portions off the meat for the diners. Diners use a tong to help themselves to the meat they want, and put it on their plates. Each guest is issued with a card that is green on the one side, and red on the other. If the diner shows the green side, he/she is asking for another helping, and if the red side is held up, the diner would like to take a short break from eating.

Prices vary from venue to venue, but they all operate the same and serve the same foods. The fixed price you are charged, pays for as much as you can eat of the meat that is brought to the table for you to choose from, salads from a well-stocked salad bar, and hot side dishes such as rice. Further side dishes are served at the table too. Drinks and desserts are not included in the fixed prices of the main meal.

Set prices are lower for lunches than they are for dinner, with lunches during the week costing significantly less. Although you have a smaller selection of meats to choose from at lunch times, the price is still set, for as much as you can eat.

Dining at this restaurant is an enjoyable experience, but it is a good idea for diners to arrive with a good appetite and enough time spend a few hours savoring the food and get their money’s worth.

Who dines at this restaurant?

As with Fogo De Chao prices, each venue is different for different types of diners. Some venues are ideal for celebrating special occasions, wealthy tourists, and company expense accounts, while others are perfect for families with children.