Fine art celebrity prints are normally overlooked and dismissed as inauthentic, especially when compared to real, hand-painted art pieces which tend to sell for so much more. What many people may not know is that just as you can use paint and a brush to create a painting, you can create original portraits using computers. The same way you can get creative with paint is the same way someone who is well versed in the creation of fine art prints using software can play around with colors.

In fact, numerous fine art celebrity prints have made headlines after selling for 7 or even 8 figure digits during art auctions. But are the prints worth it?

Original vs Reproduction Prints

There are many original fine art pieces that exist only as prints. All prints are mistaken as being replicas or reproductions of other hand-painted pieces, which in most cases is untrue. Original art pieces are just as authentic as any other original works of art and worth every single coin you are asked to pay for them. The same way you wouldn’t mind paying a small fortune to purchase a sculpture is the same line of thought you should maintain when buying fine art celebrity prints.

Signed vs Unsigned Art Print Pieces

Are you wondering how print artists are able to sign their work once they are done? They first finish with the print, produce it and manually sign the portrait at the bottom right corner. The signature, for the artist, works as proof that it is his or her work. Alternatively, a signed print lets you (the buyer) know that you are buying something authentic.

If you have some experience in the fine arts industry, you know that a signature is very valuable. A celebrity print with a signature sells much faster than one without. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find one print with two signatures.

Open edition vs Limited edition

Open edition prints mean that the artist made hundreds or even thousands of the same prints at the point of production. Limited edition prints mean that the artist intended to produce a limited number of the same print at the point of production. As you may have already guessed, it costs more to purchase limited edition prints than it does open edition prints.

Fine art celebrity prints have made it possible to acquire beautiful art pieces only at a fraction of the price of normal hand-painted art. Above-highlighted are some to keep you on the loop in matters pertaining to fine art prints.