The ideal model should be roomy without being too bulky and it should also have lots of zip fastenings, many pockets and internal compartments. Password: functionality. Another very important detail is to choose a Made in The country product in real leather, even better if customized to add that distinctive touch that undoubtedly gives value to a basic Sexy Stocking model.

Men’s Bags and Pouches can look colorful and chic but not only: the models are really many and so different from each other, to be able to adapt to any situation. Bags for him are literally becoming popular in recent months. And rightly so, since even men and boys have so many personal items to carry with them every day and two pockets, very often, are not enough.

Backpacks, small or large shoulder straps, briefcases, elegant Sexy Stocking and sports bags: the trends of the 2018 Spring / Summer are expressed in many models designed for all style needs and different personalities. They usually come with a nice large main compartment, practical side pockets with zippers to store things to keep an eye on and are usually made of canvas, leather or nylon.

They are also always equipped with double-grip handles, often with the addition of an optional shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry on one shoulder. It certainly needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular bags ever. The main feature of the backpack is the fact that it is worn on the back thanks to resistant shoulder straps. Today’s backpacks are available in all types of shapes and sizes and are used in the most diverse ways and for the most varied uses.

The Backpack – as in reality all the Bags in general – evolves according to the times in order to become more and more functional. The ultra-modern laptop backpack, for example, is designed to work as a laptop holder.

Bag: the practical and compact bag for various uses and outfits. Smaller and vertical version of the Messenger Bag. Sexy Stocking is perfect as a complement to both casual and elegant outfits, it is certainly the trend model in every self-respecting way.

Sometimes they come back. Jackets with checked prints,Sexy Stocking and light jeans with fringed edges or with the classic ironed fold: the model to be imitated for the next outfits will be your father, roughly in his 1983 version. The goal, however, is to blend these elements of the past with the garments of your current wardrobe to create a fresh, unique and absolutely trendy look.