Some types of PCB projects require fast turn PCB manufacturing services. Your product development team cannot wait for several weeks to receive the PCB. The initial stages of the product development already involve lots of iterations. You have to procure different types of items and test them at each stage of the development process. The PCB design may be changed several times if the last design doesn’t work as intended. If you do not receive your PCB quickly at this stage, it can lead to long delay in the product launch. Contact a PCB company that can guarantee quick turn PCB service.

Prototype or Large Volume Orders

You can use this quick service to order not only the prototype boards but also any large volume PCB order. Most of the time, businesses need fast PCB service during the prototyping phase. This is the time when you are likely to reject an earlier design because you notice some problems only after installing an assembled PCB in the product prototype. If the PCB prototype does not work, you have to fix the problem and order another one with an improved design. Once the prototype is ready, you may want to launch your product quickly in the market due to the strong demand for such a product. Then you will need quick service for a large volume PCB order.

All Types of PCBs

You are not limited to ordering the traditional rigid PCBs under this plan. Fast turn service is available for all types of PCBs including the rigid, flexible and custom designs. These PCBs can be manufactured in multiple layers. You can expect 24 hours turnaround for 2-10 layer boards. The company offers 48-hour turnaround time for 12-24 layer boards. HDI technology boards can be received in 5-15 days. Call now with your specific project detail to receive quick response. You will receive a reply to your query within 24 hours.

Contact a Reliable Manufacturer

All PCB manufacturers are not same. Some may claim to offer quick service but they may fail to deliver on the promised time. Contact a company that can be trusted to deliver the PCBs within the given duration of time. Check its track record in meeting deadlines. You will notice clear communication from such a company. The response will clearly specify the timeline for your PCB delivery. Check its customer list. A company that has worked for top brands will offer you fast turnaround services because it has established manufacturing system for such fast processes.

Submit your PCB design file to receive fast turn PCB services. Make sure the design file does not have any flaw. If the manufacturing team notices any issue in the design, it will call you back for clarification. Once everything is clear, you have given the go-ahead, and paid for the order, your PCBs will be made immediately and shipped to you within the specified time limit.