Lenders usually charge interest on all their loans. The interest is usually charged on the reducing balance, so the interest paid on a monthly basis will differ from one month to the next. It is important to note that there are many factors affecting personal loan interest rates. Knowing these factors can help consumers to make informed decisions when looking for the most affordable loans for their needs.

To get the cheapest loans, you have to shop around for the lowest rate personal loans. This is because lenders usually charge different rates of interest based on a variety of factors. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find the most affordable lender in the city. Read on to learn about the factors affecting interest rates.

Credit Score

Interest is the financial reward paid to a moneylender for advancing you money for a given period of time. Borrowers who are considered risky are often required to pay a higher interest rate because they may default or refuse to pay the loan. When lending to these high-risk borrowers, lenders often demand a higher rate of interest than normal. If you have a high credit score, on the other hand, lenders will charge a low-interest rate because they have peace of mind knowing that you are going to pay. That said, the credit score of the lender will have the biggest impact on personal loan interest rates.

Type of Loan

There are many types of loans. There are secured personal loans and unsecured personal loans. Secured loans are usually issued against a marketable asset, so there is less risk. As a result, lenders usually charge a lower rate of interest on secured loans. Unsecured personal loans, on the other hand, usually come with higher interest rates. In case you are after payday or cash advance loans, you will have to pay a high-interest rate.

Market Conditions

If the base lending rate has been raised by the government, interest rates on personal loans will also be hiked. If you borrow money when the base rate is high, you will have to pay a higher rate of interest on your personal loan. The opposite will be true when market conditions force the government to lower the base lending rate.

When planning to borrow money, therefore, it is recommended you shop around for the cheapest loans. You should not be in a rush to make a decision because it takes time to find the cheapest rate loan.