We wear eye contact lenses for a variety of reasons. They provide us with the perfect opportunity to change our eye color or add something different to our look. However, sometimes we can get confused over which type of eye contact suits us best and what colors are available in this range. In this informative article, we will look at some popular eye contact lens colors and their benefits!


These lenses have an invisible appearance that lets your natural eye color shine through easily while enhancing your eyes. These contact lenses are perfect for those who want an easy, natural look, and they’re also great if you have light-colored eyes. Clear eye contact will enhance your eye color but won’t completely change it as other colors might.

Neutral Grey/Gray

These eye contacts make a subtle yet glamorous addition to your regular eye color! They can be worn on their own or underneath another lens so that you get the benefits of two colors at once. Neutral gray eye contacts let your eye’s natural color show through and add some extra definition without changing how they appear. Gray is a popular choice as it enhances brown eyes with its calm tone while still letting green tones shine through naturally. It enhances green hues in brown eyes while creating an illusion of depth by adding some contrast around the pupil area, making them appear darker than usual. They can even brighten up hazel eyes with yellow undertones showing themselves naturally.


A neat style is a mix between clear and dark contacts where you can see the iris, but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything on your eyes when looking straight ahead. This style is ideal for those who want a subtle eye color change and want to enhance their natural eye color.


Hazel eye colors are not very common. They can range from greenish, brown to golden eye tones and even blue/gray sometimes. This eye color mixes the other two eye colors, but it does not have one clearly defined tone. This usually makes them look lighter than dark contacts but darker than clear ones, giving you that perfect natural look everyone wants with different styles of eye color-changing lenses.


Green eye colors are one of the rarest eye colors. However, not many people know that there are different shades of green eye colors which can range from light to dark tones. This means that your eyes may look more green, or they may look more brown, depending on how you want them to appear in photos or videos. Green contacts lenses do not offer as many eye-enhancing abilities. Still, these contact lenses keep their natural appearance with a subtle eye tone change if desired without making it too bright for everyday wear.

Eye contact lens colours are an incredible tool to have at our disposal, as they can enhance our natural eye color or provide us with fun options to change them.