Visit a website that has all the information you need to find and take advantage of high roller events. Alternatively, this refers to the Ferris wheel in Las Vegas, but in this case, a high roller event is a promotion by a casino that gives bonuses and special odds to people who come and bet a minimum amount of money. There might be special comps or features, but these are second to the unusually good chance of scoring big.

If a person is routinely in the habit of patronizing casinos and spends more than a little money, then it is good to take advantage of every promotion available. Casinos are normally hostile to players who seek to beat house odds, but on occasion, they will practically give the house away in order to attract new money by letting them live the fantasy of being a high roller.

Realistically speaking, a high roller is a gamble that brings money in the range of a hundred thousand dollars or more to a betting table. These gamblers might not risk all the money they bring in one evening, but the potential is there. Only big casinos with deep pockets can afford to seat such large bankrolls because they can absorb horrific losses if a high roller hits a lucky number.

As glamorous as wealthy gamblers might be, they make up only a fraction of business for most casinos. In fact, the bulk of their revenue comes from average tourists, and Las Vegas itself might get around half of its gambling revenue through casual slot machine play. The fact does not diminish the glamour of the high roller who has the will to risk tens of thousands and who might have the sharpest math skills at the table.

In order to attract the casual gamblers that most casinos need to thrive, they hold special events that encourage less frequent visitors to spend more and live bigger. There are plenty of incentives ranging from unique bonuses to event-unique paraphernalia. For someone who wants to bet at the best possible odds, these events might give them the compensation packages that they crave.

For a tourist wanting a special experience, these events could be the perfect chance to live like a high roller but not necessarily be one. Most high rollers are given private tables and arrive and exit without fanfare. These high roller events are for less prestigious gamblers who might be willing to risk a bit more money than usual. It is still an opportunity if you like the thrill of higher stakes. If something great comes up, make sure to be the first to know.