It is ordinary for any man to feel less interested or aroused to engage in sexual intercourse at one time, but this can be a real cause of worry if you persistently go through this experience whenever you feel the urge to have sex. We often are faced with a number of life challenges, such as stress, physical fatigue and effects of medicine that may send us away from the urge for sex. Such things may cause temporary sexual problem, but which can be restored when things normalize. However, if you experience these challenges in which case you have frequent and long lasting erection problem, you are likely to be struggling with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medication Miami.

Erectile dysfunction is common in older men, but they say age is not the primary cause of this problem. In more than 75 percent of the cases reported, physical causes are associated with the problem. This means that if you have prolonged problem to the level that you are having problems with it, it is time to check with your doctor.

How Can Your Reproductive Health Doctor Help?

Some people think that erectile dysfunction is an easy problem that they can deal with on their own. Given the severity of the problem and the magnitude of damage it can have on your social life, you should not gamble with over-the-counter treatments. Instead, you need to talk to your doctor for help. The good news is that it can be treated, especially if the causes are known and the signs are noticed and reported early. Just like premature ejaculation, ED can be treated using drugs, but it is easier said than done. Some of the options your doctor may use include the following:

• Injections
• Surgery
• Special devices to boost blood flow to your penile system
• Suppositories
In some cases, ED has been associated with some conditions such as the high blood pressure, diabetes, problems with the arteries, prostate surgery, and radiotherapy.

If you or your doctor can diagnose and find the root cause of the problem, you can be treated to improve your performance in the bedroom.

Here are some of the questions you can prepare to ask your doctor during the visit:

• What could be the cause of my erectile dysfunction?
• Are the symptoms I exhibit temporary or long-term?
• Can my erectile dysfunction problem be treated?
• What treatment options are available for me?
• What if they are not effective in addressing my case?
• Do I need to see a specialist?
• What cost of the treatment shall be covered by insurance?
• Can changes to lifestyle change the condition to my advantage?

If you have ED, a good doctor who understands Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medication Miami will help you.