Adjusting to new false teeth may take some time as your facial muscles need to adjust to new sensations and changes in your capability to taste certain food. You also need to learn to how to chew properly with the new false teeth. To help you adjust fast, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you get false teeth in Brisbane North

1. Start slow

In the initial days with your new false teeth, it is advisable to stick to liquid foods such as oatmeal, apple sauce, and soup among others. Trying to chew solid foods immediately could harm your sensitive gums and cause a lot of discomfort. Give yourself a few days before progressing to solid foods.

2. Beware of hot liquids

If you are a fan of hot chocolate or coffee, you need to be a bit careful with them if you have new false teeth. Most false teeth tend to have insulating properties that can prevent you from feeling something that is too hot until it is too late. As a guide, give the hot drink a light sip to ensure that it is safe.

3. Mind Tough Foods

Tough foods like red meat can be quite daunting to chew with false teeth. So, whenever you plan to have a related dish, it is crucial to ensure that it is slowly cooked for a few hours or stewed. Alternatively, opt for other sources of protein that are easy to chew such as fish, legumes and eggs.

4. Be cautious with sticky foods

Sticky foods such as gum, peanut, candles and certain types of berries can easy get trapped between your gums and false teeth, resulting into unusual irritation and even infection. If you have to enjoy them, remember to clean your mouth and false teeth thoroughly afterwards.

5. Ensure that your food is cut into smaller pieces

Since you are still learning how to chew with your new false teeth, cutting every food you plan to eat into smaller pieces will make your eating experience much easier and enjoyable. Again, it won’t put much pressure on your gums as you try to adjust.

Final Remarks

Once you have adjusted to eating with the new false teeth, you are at liberty to devour any type of food. Nonetheless, there are certain foods that might still give you problems such as foods that are sticky, hard or those that contain small hard particles. So, irrespective of how strong your false teeth may be or how well-fitting they are, it is highly recommended to be careful with foods such as tough red meats, chewing gums, whole fresh fruits, seeds, peanuts, coconut, almond butter among others.