Smartphones have gotten more powerful and more integral to daily life in the past decade. It’s not surprising that brands want to make their presence felt in these devices. Businesses need to make sure that their websites have mobile versions that look good on small screens in portrait mode. Some have taken this even farther by creating their own drag and drop application builder that can be downloaded online. Once installed, these apps are able to offer exclusive content, push notifications, and useful features. Consumers are loving them and they are proving to be profitable. If you would like to get into the party, then start today with a drag and drop application builder.

Customizable for Branding

These online tools do not require any coding experience, although some will give you additional options if you know your way around the back end. They even provide customization options so that the look and feel can reinforce your branding. Use the colors that are associated with your business. Change the hues of the background, the foreground, the buttons, the font, the lines, and whatever else you want to play around with. Just make these colors consistent throughout the app and ensure that everything is readable.

Built-in Control Elements

Everything that you need is already built-in. There are forms, lists, checkboxes, date-pickers, tabs, cards, buttons, and so on. Just get what you need and drop them onto the stage. Modify their attributes and give them their function. Link them to other pages if you wish. Send the input or output where these need to go. Some builders allow users to create customized controls as well.

Fast and Easy Creation

The visual nature of the building process makes everything easier. You don’t have to code if you don’t want to. You will simply be dragging and dropping elements onto the stage. Each already has its own attributes that you can change as you wish or leave to keep it simple. You can finish your first basic project within the day. Test and improve as much as you want.

Cross-platform Compatibility

These online tools are able to publish your creation in different ways, allowing you to have apps for most popular platforms. There is no need to start over or do anything new when trying to target another operating system. The apps will also run in various screen resolutions and orientations. Your project will look good on any device.