The islands of Phi Phi offer delightful sights including sea creatures like seahorses, razorfish, pipefish, and larger varieties such as reef sharks and leopard sharks. With a combination of great dive sites appropriate for all skill levels, the movie-set beaches in Koh Phi Phi are perfect for divers and other non-diving adventure seekers.

Best Koh Phi Phi Diving Sites, experienced divers head to Hin Muang and Hin Daeng. The two are widely recognized as top diving spots in Thailand with Hin Daeng offering fabulous marine life while Hin Muang attracts tourists with violet corals. Expect to see leopard sharks and grey reef sharks in both sites.

If you prefer wreck diving, King Cruiser is the best place to explore. Combine the adventure with a trip to Shark Point and Anemone Reef. Pass by the Maya Bay if you are an experienced diver and take some beautiful photos around soft coral.

For dramatic underwater scenes, hit the Hin Dot site or Chimney Rock. There are 4 submerged pinnacles dropping 30 meters below the sea. You can spot intriguing marine life and fish hovering around the rocks. Lionfish, nurse sharks, bearded scorpionfish, pufferfish, squid, and groupers dwell here.

Want to to get up close with hawksbill turtles and sea snakes? Then you have to be at Bida Nai and Bida Nok. The two are limestone islands with overhanging caves that act as hideouts for small sea creatures and seahorses. Spot barracuda, leopard sharks, wrasses, moral eels, and ghost pipefish

For the love of turtles, put the Malong Bay on your bucket list. Expect a distinctive topography with coral gardens and swimming areas that houses various species of shrimp. The reef features soft corals, barrel sponges, anemones, and gorgonian sea fans.

A huge school of fish is found at Kled Gaeow Wreck. The vessel was submerged in 2014 and quickly turned into a home of local marine life from frogfish to nurse sharks. It measures 47 meters long with the top wheelhouse sitting at 14 meters below the surface. Lionfish, sharks, and barracuda are great in numbers and sizes.

If you want a shallow dive with excellent snorkelling experience, Hin Pae is the spot to visit. It is also known as the Baby Shark Point as it offers shark spotting opportunities. The topography at Hin Pae entails brain corals, boulder, and tunnels for moray eels. Both soft and hard corals are present, offering shelter to coral fish, angelfish, surgeonfish, lobsters, crabs, snappers, and groupers.

Best time to Koh Phi Phi Diving, the cold months in Kho Phi Phi start from May through December. There is heavy rainfall anytime from June to October so water activities are minimal. Plus, the visibility of water is low hence diving can be hampered. So the best time to dive is the hot season i.e. January to April. The average water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius while air temperatures vary from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. Water visibility is still good from February to May and live boards run throughout the year.