Accidents can be minimized, but there is always the risk of getting into a crash when you drive on public roads. Poor weather, reckless drivers, drunk driving, wildlife, poorly marked roads, distracted driving and unroadworthy vehicles are all common causes of auto accidents. When you have been injured and experienced serious financial losses, pain and suffering due to an auto accident, you should look for the best Miami accident lawyer to represent you in court.

In case you are being sued by a third party for causing an accident, it is recommended you hire an accident attorney to help you mount a potent legal defense. Whatever the case, there are several key factors to take into consideration before a decision can be made. Below are a few of these factors:

i) Experience

Only lawyers who have specialized in car accident cases should be considered. You do not want to hire a dog bite, slip and fall, medical malpractice or a product liability lawyer to represent you when you have a car accident case at hand. What you need to do is compare the experiences of the top-rated car accident lawyers and shortlist a dozen of the best attorneys for your needs.

ii) Win Rate

The win or success rate of an attorney can tell you a great deal about the quality of service they normally offer. Lawyers with high win rates are able to win most of their cases. Therefore, they offer better value for money. To boost your chances of winning the case, therefore, you should only consider hiring attorneys with over 85% success rate. Lawyers with lower success rates can either win or lose the case, so hiring them to represent you will be like tossing a coin to determine the outcome of your case. Fortunately, most lawyers are usually more open about their win rates.

iii) Reputation

The reputation a lawyer has developed over the years should be considered. You are looking for a trusted and reliable lawyer with a proven track record of meeting client needs and expectations. Therefore, you need to read reviews, check testimonials and go over ratings before you decide to commit yourself. This will help you to pick the right Miami accident lawyer.

Ideally, you should pick lawyers who are known for being expert negotiators. After all, it may not be necessary to go to trial if the defendant is willing to negotiate.