How to Enjoy a Cheeseburger Tater tot at Home

Are you looking for a great party recipe that everyone will be raving about? If so, the Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole is just what you need! Not only can you use this casserole for a dinner party but also for a daytime family breakfast or lunch as well. The first time I had this particular dish, I felt like I was in the clouds, and the waitress asked me how long it was going to be.

Now, I know my hubby does not care for eggs, so we have to do with the tomatoes and the onions. I also added a packet of our signature barbecue sauce to the top, along with some chopped bacon (so good! ), some Worcestershire sauce, and a little garlic. I served it up with some fries as well. Man, my mouth was watering just talking about this stuff!

I have been cooking this stuff for years and have found that you must follow the recipe exactly if you are going to make this. I didn’t add anything to the flour, nor did I decrease the amount of liquid. Well, I did that for a couple of weeks until I ran out of rice and pasta. Then I just added in the meatballs and let that cook on its own for a few minutes. Yummy!

I also added some cheese to the mix because I wanted to make sure that it was as cheesy as possible. I mixed in some sharp cheddar cheese, which worked well. I put a little of the sauce on the top and spread it around to nicely cover everything. I then baked it in the oven until the cheese was melted, and everything was nice and cheesy!

After that, it was time for me to bite and enjoy my second piece of this delicious bread. Yes, I ate the whole thing, but it was so delicious that I felt guilty for taking a bite. It is one of my favorites, especially in sandwiches! So, when you are up for it, make sure you grab your Boca Raton Cheeseburger Tater Tot today!

You can’t go wrong with this recipe, and if you are looking for something different, why not try some other recipes that other people have found? There is no end to the different combinations that people have come up with! It will keep you coming back for more, so make sure you get some more recipes to try! You never know – you might find a new and great Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole to go with your next order!