Cambodia Teaching Jobs: All to Know

Cambodia hires teachers every year to take positions in public schools and private international schools. To qualify for Cambodia Teaching Jobs, interested teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, be English native speakers and hold a legal teaching certificate such as TEFL certificate. Missing, the TEFL certificate, do not worry, the University of Toronto will get you covered. You only need to enroll for an online certification program to have the required necessary skills for this lucrative job. Besides, teaching experience as well matters when it comes to recruiting teachers, however, depends on the specific job and school.

Some of the available Cambodia Teaching Jobs include English teachers, ICT teachers, and primary school principals, among others. Let us look at the ICT and English teachers in details.

Qualified ICT teachers are required to have the ability to inspire and motivate both primary and secondary school learners. English teachers are as well expected to have teach both in primary and secondary school levels. They must have the following responsibilities:

 Offer teaching services in tandem with the set professional standards
 Develop lesson plans and related supplementary teaching materials aimed at helping learners acquire more insights concerning the language.
 Supervise and keep students records professional. The student records include class attendances, study progress forms, and provide the necessary support.
 Follow the set academic guidelines and approaches strictly
 Participate actively in learner development professional lessons
 Assist learners in academic and public relations activities and events.

  1. Teacher applicants are expected to present acceptance certificates
  2. Demonstrate high levels of flexibility
  3. Demonstrate enthusiasm for professional development and learning
  4. Have the ability to work in multi-cultural environments
  5. A commitment of at least twelve months

Selected teachers obtain a working visa upon arrival in Cambodia, and their visa costs will be reimbursed upon completion of the contract terms.

Living in Cambodia

Most of the teachers living in Cambodia live in world-class cities of Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Larger cities are a bit expensive compared to Cambodia rural areas; their cost of living remains low. In the cities, most prices are listed using the US dollar; however, the Cambodia currency is the Riel. Teacher lead more relaxed lives as they cook from their homes and eat from the most luxurious inexpensive hotels.

Those looking for lives that are more comfortable can find more enjoyment in the cities, which have a range of food and entertainment options. The cities give teachers excellent opportunities to visit historical sites such as beautiful Angkor Wat.

Apply today, and you will enjoy the teacher privileges.