Local style has always been and will always remain unique thanks to the artisans who have a creativity that is perhaps impossible to find elsewhere. In the products that they realize, in fact, the customer is able to perceive a story, the ingenuity and the hands of those who made them because the craftsman does not produce all the same items as those made in series but exclusive Boat Hats pieces, each with its own uniqueness: by buying a handmade product Made in The country, you will hardly find a person who has something identical to yours.

The ability of the true craftsman is to create unique products of their kind. To give a simple and concrete example, think of a bag. A low-cost industrial model will be the same for everyone, while a leather bag handcrafted by a master craftsman, perhaps tailored to the customer’s tastes, will have a completely different value and will make the difference between a simple accessory and a unique accessory, such as Boat Hats of its kind.

The care, methods and production techniques are preserved and perfected over the generations. local craftsmanship has a story to envy. Made in The country is safe because local producers must apply strict rules. In fact, our country is among those with the highest number of controlled and protected products in Europe.

Made in The country is not just a logo or a business but is above all a lifestyle, a history and a culture. The excellence of Made in The country, which can be seen, for example, in the perfect cut of a dress or in the workmanship of a leather or fabric, is the result of the work of local artisans who put passion and enthusiasm into that what are they doing.

Obviously the safety and quality of real local products is paid a little more; but this is a price you have to pay if you don’t want to come across fake items that don’t guarantee reliability and quality. Unfortunately, the Made in The country is increasingly the victim of many counterfeits, so you have to be very careful and always check the Boat Hats labels.

Another reason why we should trust the Made in The country is the following. Buying food, a garment, a pair of shoes or any other 100% local product means appreciating our land and making an important contribution to our economy, ensuring that our companies continue to develop. Buying Boat Hats made in countries with low labor costs means, on the contrary, favoring the closure of many local productive realities that need support and to be helped to recover.