There are many attractions around Australia, but one of the most sought-after is wine tours and wine tasting events. With thousands of wineries around the country, Australia is a top wine exporter with recent statistics putting the country among the top 5 wine exporters in the world. If you love wine, or you just want to take your palate on a wild adventure, consider a wine tour.

Most wineries have come up with wine tour packages that entail; harvesting of grapes and wine tasting. With these tours, you will get a chance to see how grape vines are taken care of, how the grapes are harvested and stored, the fermentation and aging processes among other things. At the end of the tour, there is the tasting of different types of wines, which is the best part of the whole tour for most people. Most wine tours are not a one-day event, so you will need a place to stay. To find the best wine country accommodation, you need to consider a variety of factors, including:

i) Cost

This is always a key factor to consider when looking for a suitable accommodation during your travels. After all, you have limited resources, so costly accommodation will reduce the duration of your stay. By requesting quotes from different accommodation facilities in the area, you will be able to compare them to pick the most affordable accommodation for your needs. Many wine tours also include accommodation, so you will have to compare prices before you book a tour.

ii) Features

The most important part of going on a wine tour is seeing hectares and hectares of grapevines. The ideal accommodation, therefore, should give you a great view of the grape fields. When sipping a glass of wine in the late afternoon, there can be nothing more satisfying than seeing the sun set on grape fields at a local farm.

iii) Availability

Most wine tours are usually fully booked during the high season. When planning to travel to best wine country accommodation in the summer, therefore, be sure to check the availability of different accommodation facilities. This will help in ensuring you find the right facility for your needs.

There are many accommodation facilities you can choose whenever you need a place to stay during your travels around Australia, and wine country, in particular. Therefore, there is no need to make your booking before you find the right facility for your needs.