If you are a camping enthusiast and you have been thinking about powering your RV without overstretching your budget, you may have probably thought of investing in a trailer solar panel at some point.

Trailer solar panels, also known as portable solar panels, are increasingly growing in popularity among RVs owners. Unlike other solar North Brisbane offers, these panels are quite easy to carry and can be fitted in any RV with ease.

Why are they popular with RVs?

• Freedom to travel: Since these panels are portable, it means RVs owners can have power irrespective of where they are. So whether you are camping or on a road trip, having a quality portable solar panel can provide you with sufficient electrical power for all your outdoor needs.

• Environmental friendly: Unlike powering RVs with generators hence polluting the environment with hazardous emissions, powering RVs using these solar panels can be quite environmental-friendly in the long-run. These panels don’t burn any fuel, so there are no emissions produced.

• Convenience: These types of panels are quite easy to install on an RV. Once installed, they can be a reliable source of electrical power on a 24/7 basis. There are minimal maintenances needed with these panels since they come with no moving parts, so there is absolutely nothing to break. Once they are set up, they can be used for several years devoid of any recurring costs.


• Mono-crystalline: These panels are manufactured using a single crystal. They have individual cells that are made from a thin layer of silicon crystal. They have high-efficiency rates since they are made from high-quality silicon.

• Poly-crystalline: The panels come with multiple crystals, giving them a larger surface area for trapping the solar energy.

• Amorphous solar panels: These panels have thin-film panels. Their cells are made from thin silicon layers that are attached to a connective material. They are currently the cheapest panels out there.

How much do these panels cost?

As with any solar panels, trailer panels are priced based on their size, construction, and technology behind them. The panels may sell from $ 700 and beyond. The choice of the manufacturer can also impact on the cost of these panels. If a panel is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer, then the cost will ultimately be high.


Trailer solar panels are undoubtedly the perfect panels for all UVs owners. They are designed for powering UVs, ensuring there is a consistent supply of electrical energy. Get the right portable solar panel that is designed for your UV’s power needs.