Do you work as a supervisor in the transportation industry? Do you know that it is mandatory for you to undergo DOT suspicion training? The goal of the training is to help promote a safer and conducive working environment, help keep other motorists on public roads safe and to ensure that the businesses’ code of ethics in regard to substance abuse is upheld.

How is this accomplished? Well, by training supervisors to identify and isolate employees who may be into substance abuse through what they call reasonable suspicion. So, what are the elements of effective DOT suspicion training?

A good DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Online should help to equip supervisors with the ability to:

  1. Observe and isolate the signs and symptoms of substance abuse in employees: Employees may exhibit behavioral issues, health issues or poor performance owing to substance abuse. Through the DOT training, they are better able to know whether this could be as a result of fatigue, sickness or substance abuse. Thereafter, they can ask the employee to go get a drug test.
  2. Make reasonable suspicion determination: If an employee shows up for work with bloodshot eyes, changes in demeanor or is losing weight rapidly, do you, as a supervisor, instantly suspect drug abuse or do you approach the matter in a different, more mature way? This is what the DOT training is for. It equips you with the right tools and knowledge to make reasonable suspicion determination.
  3. Document cases of reasonable suspicion in employees: For purposes of reference and to help monitor the employee, it is necessary to have all the tests, medical documents, and progress reports well documented.
  4. Properly and professionally handle situations and concerns with confidentiality: Agreeably, substance abuse is something many people are ashamed to reveal and accept about themselves. To help uphold dignity for your employees, it is important that all situations and expressed concerns are handled with utmost confidentiality.
  5. Figure out the next course of action: In the event that an employee has tested positive for substance abuse, this training equips the supervisor with the right information to help figure out the next course of action.

As a supervisor, your main job is to ensure that everything inside the workplace goes on smoothly. But none of this can happen if most of your staff members are struggling with substance abuse. The DOT suspicion training is, therefore, crucial for any supervisor to seriously consider. However, to get the most out of the training, it has to meet certain standards. The above-highlighted elements are some of the things that a good DOT reasonable suspicion training online should accomplish.