Tango is a dance that requires elegance and perfection in everything from wardrobe to performance. A tango dancer needs a narrow waist, lovely hips, pretty feet, and a certain air of mystery. If you want to be both elegant and successful in the world of tango, read this article for five tips on how to buy an elegant tango dress.

Find out the style of your tango school

Is your school “conservative,” or is it more free-spirited? This will be important for selecting the right tango dress because, depending on the style, you can show a bit more skin without compromising your dance abilities. If you don’t know what style your school is, ask a friend who has been going for a while.

Know the difference between “formal” and “elegant.”

Sometimes people throw these two words around interchangeably when in tango; they mean very different things. A formal dress for tango is usually long, with no cleavage showing, and definitely not strapless. A formal tango dress is usually black or another dark color, maybe navy blue.

An elegant tango dress is short but not too short. It’s also very pretty with lots of sparkles, colors and can even have a bit of cleavage showing without being too risqué for the dance floor. An elegant tango dress usually sits close to your bum, but there are some that flare out slightly at the bottom due to layers of tulle beneath the lace or satin skirt. Also, an elegant tango dress may be any color! Yes, you heard me right: pale blue, baby pink, and lavender (and other pastels) can all work as a great alternative to basic black. Don’t forget the color of your dance partner’s eyes as a deciding factor.

Make sure it is comfortable and easy to move in

Tango requires you to do many turns, so your dress should be able to swoosh around without getting tangled or causing discomfort for both you and your dance partners. It should also allow plenty of room for kicks and other techniques that require a full range of movement. You can’t wear something too tight or restrictive if you want your technique to be spot on! If the material is heavy (like matt satin), then it won’t flow as well through the air when twirling.

Pick a dress that suits your body shape and color

If you are curvier, be aware of the kind of dresses that will make you look curvy in all the wrong places or what we call “limiting” or “masking.” Instead, pick something with an A-line silhouette (so it skims over your waist and hips) and plenty of lace detailing, so there is no risk whatsoever of it clashing with your figure. The same goes for those pear shapes out there: choose a darker full skirt made from lightweight tulle, which can flutter as you move around the dance floor whilst still concealing those hip dips.

In conclusion, be aware of the style and colors of your school, what makes you feel confident, and what color complements your hair color/skin tone/eye color.