Wedding cakes do not have to be expensive to be beautiful. If you want a wedding cake that won’t make a dent in your wedding budget but still looks and tastes good, you may want to turn to an unlikely source: Walmart.

You heard that right.

Walmart makes inexpensive yet delicious cakes fit for any wedding. Read on to know how you can use Walmart cakes for one of the most important days of your life.

Work with a good Walmart cake decorator.

If you have a couple of Walmarts in your area, pick the one with a good decorator. A lot of Walmart branches employ good pastry artists which allows them to produce top-notch wedding cakes for very affordable prices. Look at the cakes on display to get an idea of the decorator’s abilities. Walmart accepts custom-orders so you want to work with someone who can easily replicate the design you have in mind.

Use Walmart wedding cakes as your base for a custom cake.

Walmart standard wedding cakes already look presentable, but you can put a personal twist by adding a couple of finishing touches, whether you have a one layer fondant cake or a 3-tiered standard rosette cake. You can add flowers, fruit, or custom toppers for a cake that reflects the wedding motif, for example.

Use ordinary Walmart cakes for a fully-customized wedding cake.

If you prefer to decorate your cake yourself, you can buy premade chiffon cakes and couple of tubs of frosting or buttercream icing for a super-easy and affordable cake that is totally custom-made. Stack two or more chiffon cakes for a multi-tiered wedding cake, or display them separately in various heights on the table for a refreshing twist on tradition. Decorate with flowers, berries, or any other edible topping as you see fit. The best thing about buying regular cakes is that you can control how the cake will look like. Cakes like these are also a cinch to make so if you want to be totally hands on with the wedding, making the cake is something that is perfectly doable and will not take up too much of your time. This applies not just to wedding cakes but for other occasions as well.

For a cake that costs under $200 but can feed 120 people, Walmart cakes are the best option if you want stylish, tasty wedding cakes that are worth every penny. Walmart cakes are also time-stamped and sold within 7 days, so you won’t have to worry about getting a stale, moldy cake for your wedding. Get in touch with your local Walmart bakery to see what kind of options you have for a lovely, custom cake that is within your budget.