Hospitals are always looking for the newest in technology. The better that their technology is the better that they can help their patients, enabling them to get better faster. However, hospitals also tend to be somewhat crowded, and there is only so much room for all of the equipment. One solution has been to utilize wall mounted workstations for healthcare, enabling them to mount computers where they are the most needed and making the most of what space is available. The mounted workstations are thus able to help hospitals maintain their efficiency while not increasing the amount of floor space required.

Why Workstations Are Useful

Doctors and nurses are always checking on how patients are doing, and that means either following the doctor around with a computer or making workstations available in every room. However, the problem with having a workstation in every room is that it takes up floor space, which is a problem given the amount of equipment in most hospitals; there just is not a whole lot of room available. However, mounting the workstations to the wall makes frees up valuable space and makes them available to anyone that needs them. This means that the doctors and nurses can access whatever information they need in whatever room they happen to be in.

Making It Even Easier

Wall-mounted workstations are also less susceptible to theft; as they are literally attached to the wall it is difficult to just take them away. The workstations are also generally more reliable as they are wired into the network as opposed to relying on a wireless network, which is susceptible to adverse environmental conditions. Portable workstations can also obstruct hallways, which can create fire hazards or problems with building codes. They can prevent confidential being seen by people just passing by. Throw in that they do not require as much space in rooms where equipment needs to take priority, such as ICU rooms, and the workstations have their definite advantages.

While portable workstations do their advantages over wall-mounted workstations, those advantages are situational; a hospital should be using both for maximum efficiency. If you have the room and do not mind the clutter, portable workstations do have their advantages, and you do not need as many making them more affordable. However, for hospitals that are already crowded and have other space issues, or are in areas where wireless signals suffer reception issues, wall mounted workstations for healthcare may be well worth the investment.